Suggested Website Improvments

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Suggested Website Improvments

Post by EccentricM »

So, don't know if this is the place, but I'll post here anyway.

I have some ideas for the website. Only a couple, suggestions to shape it up a little. My reasoning is that I feel a good website will attract more players and give a better first impression. It can undermine the actual quality and work put into the server.

I don't know if options are limited, but looking in google images I see a lot of snazzy PhpBB themes which could be implemented for these forums. For example...


Perhaps something like that in reds or oranges (EIF colour themes) would be nice for the site (unless it's some premium option I'm unaware of). A banner too, (could even make a contest for the best website banner) or use the existing one on the main homepage.

My second recomendation is only a tiny one, a nitpick, but I'll put it here regardless because when all the little things are adressed it mounts up in the end.

I've noticed a few people, especially new ones, miss the "Player RP Guides" section because it's hidden inside "Tossing ideas around", which some people may not read as it's labeled as a RP event planning and story forum, so it's easily missed. So I just thought that the guides forum could be moved to the main page under the main "Roleplaying" list as opposed to being hidden as a sub-forum. :)

Thirdly, I also think it's good we have a clean up, and remove obsolete theads such as the old installation guide; ... tion#p2287 , because it only serves to confuse newcomers (which it previously has).

The more professional EIF looks, the better it will be for everyone and will aid in population attraction I'm sure (people "do" often judge a book by it's cover). For now, that's about it. Thanks for your time!
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Re: Suggested Website Improvments

Post by Tor »

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