Jato on the Move

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Jato on the Move

Post by Sandarie » Thu Nov 21, 2019 1:25 pm

Megan is pouring over all the reports and statistics which had piled up while she had been kidnapped. Finally fully recovered from her ordeal which had left her emaciated, Alifisno had grudgingly allowed her to go over the station reports. Her blue hair had turned an ugly lavender shade, but she’d had too many other things to consider before worrying about her appearance.

Flipping through the awaiting reports, she sipped a mug of hot cocoa, complete with marshmallows. The next report in line to review and give her stamp of approval to is the Jato Location plan. Opening the file she nodded at the plans Alifisno had laid out for the next few months. Jato being a movable station had been one of the things that had both intrigued and worried her when she’d accepted the role of station administrator. It was sometimes a nightmare. She’d needed to retain the services of smugglers to transport folks to Jato. That was a huge negotiation in the beginning. However, the smugglers got a good retainer from Jato to keep its location secret and could charge a hefty transportation fee from their passengers.

A flashing bit of text caught her attention. Alifisno normally updated the coordinates for future moves and rarely made any further changes. Frowning a bit, she read the updated policy. He was revoking the clearance of everyone who had been provided this report with the upcoming locations. She nearly called him into her office to discuss this change, which she didn’t approve of until she continued reading. Due to the recent events, he was requiring everyone to request permission to fly their own ship to Jato and bypass the smuggler transportation system. Being given that permission would include being updated with this report of the future planned coordinates.

Leaning back in her chair, she reached out for an ever-present chocolate piece, popping it into her mouth. Closing her eyes to consider this change she realized it was only logical. They should likely revoke all clearances and make people reapply regularly as a matter of course. Nodding to herself, she pressed the authorization button and moved on to the next report.

OOC: Since the initial installation of the Jato station to Empire in Flames, we’ve been often asked where Jato is located. There has always been a reason we’ve not told anyone where it is and simply referred to it as a Shadowport. Which is true.

The location isn’t “known” because it changes position on a regular basis. It’s part of EiF Lore and is also the RP explanation for using the smugglers for transportation to and from the station. Unless you have gotten IC permission to fly your ship to Jato, a character will not know the current location of Jato. The staff always knows where Jato is. Please never assume you were given permission and been supplied the location. You must make an RP request and receive an RP reply.

The station is armed, it’s been worked out through RP over many months. Someone showing up to the shadow port without proper clearance could be subject to an unfriendly reception.

Jato has its secrets. Some which have been shared with the community via RP, some via these OOC stories. Not everything is public knowledge, but it’s never been pulled out of thin air as the fancy strikes.
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