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The RangerNetwork channel is open ingame for all rangers. Its a place for inexperienced rangers to ask questions and get help and for experienced rangers to talk rangery stuff that the mundanes in general chat might find boring. Feel free to join up.

Steps to join an ingame chat channel
1) Rt click on an existing chat tab and choose join chat channel
2) you will see a tree of chat channels on the right. for RangerNetwork, scroll to the chat tree and expand it. You will see RangerNetwork listed
3) Find the channel you wish to join and highlight it, then press the join button on the left
4) You should see a new tab formed on your chat box with the name of the channel you just joined

Steps to modify a tab to broadcast different channels
1) Rt click on an existing tab and choose modify tab
2) Find the channel you want to add on the left and highlight it
3) click on the >> arrow in the middle to move that channel over to the box on the right
4) Click the OK button on the bottom right
5) You should now be able to see messages from your selected channel in another tab. You can see RangerNetwork messages on your Spatial tab, for example

My IGN is Jhobe. If anyone has any trouble or needs general ranger advice, please do not hesitate to ask.
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