Pet disease permanant

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Pet disease permanant

Post by DarkLadyPhoenix1 »

I have no idea what this nonsense is. I'm assuming it's a bug, so I'm posting it here.

Went out hunting Bull Rancors last night. Came back with max BF, full wounds, pets fully black barred etc.

Two of my pets had disease. Even with planetary travel and a day of rest. Still diseased.

Had a doctor hit one of them with a disease cure- the whole pack of 23. Nothing. No cure, no feedback that said 'this pet isn't diseased, you idiot.' etc.

Went to go hunt a creature hoping it to be a visual bug. Nope. Once the pet had damage, NONE of the HAM bars would regenerate.

To fix this I ended up dueling the doctor. When the doctor incapped the pet, there was no option for deathblow. The disease was still there. The only way to get rid of it was to hit the pet with a bleed to change the state. This fixed both pets disease but shouldn't the packs have worked?
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Re: Pet disease permanant

Post by Cael »

My alt also has a permanent disease. It doesn't seem to affect anything, just the visual flag. My alt is in fact a Doctor and it can't be cured and doesn't go away. It's been there for three weeks now.
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Re: Pet disease permanant

Post by Halyn »

There's a manual fix for this - hit me up if it's an issue.