Entertainer Feels a Little Lacking

All things entertaining! Or about the Entertainer profession in EiF
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Entertainer Feels a Little Lacking

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Now just to be clear, I'm not talking about what they DO, that being wound healing/buffing. What I am talking about is where it gets done. Right now all four trees in the Entertainer job are leveled with Entertainer Healing Experience even though one of them is an Image Design tree. Once you do max out this free tree, you get hardly anything out of it. You can heal wounds and fatigue, but it's quite slow and you can't apply buffs. To master both Dancer and Musician is 126 skill points, now with the changes to stats in this game that doesn't seem a very valuable use of skill points for any character you actually intend on playing. The Dancer and Musician professions could be disappeared altogether and have them take up mirror sides of the Entertainer tree. That would get rid of the worthless feeling skill mod upgrades in Entertainer, remove tons of grind time from tremendously boring professions and alleviate people's reliance on skill points if they want to do something other than heal blue damage while AFK. I'm gonna just list some thoughts down at the bottom here:

I don't really see the merit in making players pay skill points for skills and a profession they can't use in or for combat literally at all.

You gain both types of experience (the style+healing) anyway so that wouldn't need to change.

Players might actually be convinced to pick up the Job and use it in the field. You wouldn't have 126 points tied up in your ability to clear three stat pools and battle fatigue. The game would no longer come to a grinding halt if the tank hits 250 fatigue.

If someone has brought this up somewhere else I apologize, I think I had heard tell of the team already having some kind of change for Entertainer in the works.
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Re: Entertainer Feels a Little Lacking

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The Entertainer tree has not yet been revamped. It is going to be worked on soon(TM)
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