Current Known Issues

As issues are brought up, we will attempt to list them here.
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Current Known Issues

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This thread will be updated as development becomes aware of issues with SWGEmu and EiF.

Added 6/18/2017
Gallop isn't working - it's now fixed on TC and it'll be fixed on next server reboot. Stupid extra bracket. - H

Added 6/18/2017
Wounds and Disease:
We're aware of the issue - high-end MOBs, for a variety of reasons, disease so heavily it blackbars on one attack. It's being looked into; no ETA on a fix, but it's coming.

High-End Lootables:
We've got a couple pots cooking on that front. AA will be useable in the near future - we're looking at how we want to approach a fix. A socket fix is doable, but we're looking at alternatives as well for the sake of armorsmiths (such as making AAs an optional subcomponent during the final assembly of an armor piece).

Existing "trash" like armor segments are being examined for what exactly we can do with them. Ideas range from making them enhancement in the armor crafting process to allowing them to be used to create an entirely new class of armor for creatures. No plan has been finalized.

Finally, we're working on bringing in new lootables with the client patch. These would be scattered among the high-end mobs in-game and would largely take the form of schematics to allow new items to be crafted.

Teras Kasi:
TKM may or may not remain kinetic-locked. TKM has some interesting things going for it as it stands, and the mob rebalance (WIP) is addressing the 100% resists issue.

We're welcome to feedback on adjusting dizzy/kd, and it's an issue being discussed internally.


It's being discussed internally as well. Opinions range from major adjustments being made to almost no changes at all. A number of crafting skills require subcomponents made by other skills; from that perspective, doctor is hardly out of line. Medicine use rating is a major issue, though, that definitely must be addressed.

Weapon/Armor Crafting:
Enhancements are coming back (e.g. krayt tissue, etc). Right now the krayt loot table in particular is broken, and a number of other subcomponents are worthless. The crafting system is rather intricate, so we're putting the changes back in slowly.
Armor decay is getting another balance pass in the near future - it didn't quite make this morning's patch. We'll be turning it back up, but not to the level it was before we turned it down.

Axkva Min:
AM's loot table is stock SWGEmu and has not been adjusted. We may be adjusting it in the near future as we're adding more lootables.

Wound/Disease Buffpacks:
Being investigated atm. Nothing else to add until that's complete.

Weaponsmith Melee/Ranged Weaponcrafting:
Melee resource requirements were not properly adjusted. That will be addressed in an upcoming patch.
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