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Vibro Knuckler

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Hi there!
Just wanted to ask the people who play TKA. Its not a complaint, just a "is this working as intended?" question. So I skilled my newbie TKA in trees 1x1x and finally finally bought a Vibro Knuckler. Yeah!! I did notice it said 7 speed and I recall in live a decent one was 1.2 smuggler sliced but hey, new rules right? I pop a series of missions and go punch stuff. Now inbetween my punches though, I can comfortably sip a bit of coffee while waiting.. and waiting..while mobs waer down my health bar... before random dmg of 300ish to 1000ish happens on a mob.
This obviously isnt how I remember TKA but again, new game rules. I unequip my VK and mobs finally die at a decent pace before my health bar is in danger. So now Im thinking, is the VK only viable at Master (when attack speed is a lot higher) or did I just get bad luck on my VK purchase?

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Re: Vibro Knuckler

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Get the speed boxes first, speed works differently here

Actual Speed = [Weapon Speed (after pup/slice)] * [1 - ( your speed skill / 100 )]