Ranger Builds

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Ranger Builds

Post by JamisonG »

I wanted to get a feel for what combat profession/professions people are thinking of pairing with their Rangers. EiF has a lot of changes that can really work in our favor now that we don't need to spend almost all our skill points just acquiring Novice Ranger.

I'm looking at stacking defense as a melee ranger. I'll have to play around with the other profs when the server launches, but it is looking like a TK focused build. Maybe I will look more into a ranged build once we have an established Droidsmith's and Weaponsmiths around.

What do you plan on pairing with YOUR Ranger? Post it up!
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Re: Ranger Builds

Post by dalolorn »

I'll probably aim for a combination like DE+Pistoleer+ID. ID is non-negotiable on that character, so the only question is whether I'll have enough points to master both of the others.
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Re: Ranger Builds

Post by Pizza The Hutt »

I'm thinking of Ranger / BE / CH / TKM

I think I should have enough points. I'm not super into PvP so I'm mostly keen on stabbing animals with needles - TKM means I've got a pretty decent amount of oomph with not too much overhead, and being able to meditate away my wounds is handy dandy!
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Re: Ranger Builds

Post by ZenHatesMe »

core build will be ranger/rifle. adding m.ch instead of the 3 box dip possible in original game. whatever points are left i think ill probably start stacking combat rows for defense - im thinking status defenses vs. dizzy/stun etc and melee defense. anything that will help me survive on the range. this character will be very specialized for hunting efficiently.
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Re: Ranger Builds

Post by Genie »

Im doing the same build as CTRiastrad, mostly because it works well with CH
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