PSA for Doctors with Havla/DoT Cures.


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Hey guys, general PSA for doctors (and chefs too at the end)

Some of you might already know this, but it was news to me and several others,

I've seen many people say Medic doesn't benefit doctor besides crafting which is... actually not true! I did a lot of testing based off of some stuff that Axims and I found in the repo and old forum posts and stuff, so I just decided to test it out in a practical way too when it comes to Medic skills, Doctor, and Havla!

So, Poison/Disease Cures, and Fire Blankets are based off of the injury treatment speed skill mod (probably a holdover from pre cu medic going into doctor).
So similar to medic heals, the Injury treatment speed skill mod reduces the cooldown of Poison/disease/fire cures by 1 second for every 5 points in the skill mod.

So, with an investment in x4xx medic, you can actually take those DoT cures that a doctor normally uses Havla for down to a 5 second cooldown, and cap it to a 4 second cooldown with only +5 in tapes for Injury Treatment Speed.

Of course, Havla is still useful for Doctors for if you
1. Don't want to invest these skillpoints.
2. Anything *wound* related, so wound healing, and buffing.

This led me to testing out some Havla due to some other things I found in this research. I worked with Mina to try and make some Havla at an even "100 Heal recovery time bonus" and it turns out... anything over 100 is potentially overkill. The timers were all the same with 107 Havla, and 100 Havla for wound related and injury relating things (I dropped all medic to test it out to make sure the havla wasn't mixing with the injury treatment speed mods as well)
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